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Mansa's Blog - 5 Bad Habits That Can Hurt Your Curls

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5 Bad Habits That Can Hurt Your Curls

By Brandon | October 15, 2022

Let's be honest, curly hair is high maintenance, and taking care of it can sometimes be quite tiring. On the other hand, noticing the change in the quality of our curls and seeing that our hair is healthy gives us a joy that is worth it. That's why we invest in hair products and commit to a care routine.

Know that there is no perfect course for curly hair, but there are certain bad habits we have that can harm us in the long run. Here are a few :

washing your hair too often 

You must have a bunch of great hair products or even a shampoo that you love and want to use every other day. Although it can be very tempting, it is a habit that is strongly discouraged and can be quite harmful for your beautiful curls. Washing too often can result in your hair becoming dry, brittle and breakage. Setting up a care and washing schedule can be a good solution because it avoids oversights and allows you to keep a good cycle of adequate care for your hair needs. Additionally, you want to make sure your hair washing routine is as moisturizing as possible. This brings us to another enemy of your curls: buying the wrong hair products.

Using the wrong hair products  

With the many advertisements on hair products, we can often be tempted by certain products that we often see on our feed or which are very well presented in the shops. But it is important to know which ingredients are harmful to your hair or your hair type and also how to recognize them in the list of product components. It's true that sometimes the best products are a bit more expensive, but believe us when we tell you that products without those killer ingredients, like silicones or sulfates, are worth it. There's another trend that can be bad for you and your hair: Curlparaison.

Jealous of other people's hair and curls  

The term "Jealouser" is hard, we grant you, but each of us may want to have the same hair length, the same curls or the same hair texture as our neighbor and therefore may be tempted to copy their hair routine or the products they are going to use. Keep in mind that what worked for our friend's hair will not necessarily work for ours and may even damage them because Emma's hair is not Sophie's. There's nothing wrong with following a few tips from friends or pros or even having certain hair goals, but when inspiration becomes comparison or jealousy remember why you started your hair adventure. Focus on what makes you unique. Your length, your texture, your curl pattern are all worth celebrating.

Neglecting hair protection  

You should never go to bed angry… or without your hat or durag. At first, these accessories are the allies of your hairstyles because they protect them when you sleep and help them last longer. Forgetting to protect your hair at night can buy you a few extra minutes of sleep, but your curls might end up paying the price in the long run. A good nighttime routine prevents your curls from getting too flat, drying out and/or tangling and being a hassle for you the next morning. We explain all the advantages of using the Durag in our article What is a Durag used for?  .

Do not take care of his tips  

One of the most popular myths in the curly hair world is that long hair = healthy hair. Sometimes keeping the ends ragged can have a snowball effect on the rest of your hair. Trimming split ends makes it easier to detangle your hair and prevent breakage. Also, split ends may start out small, but if you don't trim/treat them, they will continue to grow up your strands and you may lose even more length than if you had just trimmed them in the first place. So don't have to pull out the scissors.

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