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What is the Best Durag for You

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What is the best type of Durag?

About Brandon | 27 September 2022

Today, due to the popularization of the Durag and the appearance of different brands, designs and varieties of materials, finding the right one can be complicated. Whether you wear it to protect your hairstyle, have and protect your waves or simply because you find it beautiful, you may be spoiled for choice with hundreds of models and styles of durags. Below are some tips on how to choose the best one for you.

The durags velvet The main advantages are their appearance and comfort. They have the velor exterior while the interior contains a different fabric which makes these durags comfortable to wear and gives you a unique feeling. In addition, thanks to their relatively thick material, these durags keep warmer than other durags, making them ideal for winter. Nevertheless, despite their comfort and beauty, the durag velvet is not the one that offers the best capillary compression. It is therefore not the best choice for the maintenance and protection of waves and hairstyles but will embellish your outfit for sure.  

The durag made of silk is quite possibly the perfect combination of efficiency, comfort and style. In addition to having high durability, the durags in silk are elegant, shiny and ideal for compression. They give excellent results in a short time compared to other types of materials and are perfect if you want to have "360° waves". Those are the durags that provide the best compression for your hair and cuts. The only downside to these durags is that they aren't the most stretchy of the three, making adjusting to the size of your hairstyle a little more complicated. Hey yeah, nobody's perfect!

Ultimately, the satin durag are comfortable, stylish durags similar to silk durags but are lighter in weight and tend to be a bit shinier. Three durags, they are the least expensive and are a perfect option if you are looking for an affordable way to protect your hair and add a little something extra to your outfit. They are also the most common because they are the durags that are most often found in afro shops. But in addition to their very beautiful appearance, their low price and the ease of obtaining them, the durags in satin do not have the best capillary compression but, thanks to their elasticity, they adapt easily to different types of hairstyles. They therefore deserve their place in your next basket.


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