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Mansa's Blog - Do you know the functions of your hair products?

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Do you know the functions of your hair products?

By Brandon | January 14, 2024

For the maintenance of textured hair to be effective, knowing the attributes and functionalities of the different types of products that you will use is an extremely important step. This will allow you to know what to expect from the products you use and to put together the best hair product combinations for you and your desires.

The shampoo

Shampoo is mainly used to clean leather hair from dirt and pollution, sebum, sweat, and other greasy residue, including previously applied hair care products such as oils, lotions, and sprays. In other words, it's your scalp's superhero.


With everything it endures on a daily basis, your hair becomes damaged and unfortunately ends up breaking. The ideal ally of shampoo, conditioner, reinforces it with a protective film, prevents breakage and promotes hair growth. It also hydrates your hair and makes it soft, smooth, reduces frizz and adds shine to your curls. This is the product that basically wants to do everything.

There are several types of conditioner. The best known is rinse-out conditioners, but they are applied to the ends of your hair, left to act for a few minutes and rinsed. Then there are leave-in conditioners which are perfect for straightening and detangling your hair. These conditioners are lightweight and can be used as a styling product to make your hair silky and shiny. And finally, hair masks or deep conditioners are perfect for repairing dry and damaged hair. Hair masks contain ingredients like waxes, oils and emulsifiers to get down to the root and repair hair from its source. Most masks should be applied from root to tip and left on for at least 30 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

Hair gel

A gel will extend the life of your hairstyle. It helps your hair look fuller and ensures that the definition of your curls remains intact even during a busy day. A gel locks in moisture, protects hair and prevents frizz. Finally, a good gel contains ingredients that help strengthen your beautiful hair that we think deserves it.

Hair cream 

Hair creams nourish and moisturize your hair, helping it stay healthy and manageable. They also help fight frizz, add a subtle, natural shine to hair and prevent it from becoming static. Some of them also help to bring out your loops. So, why deprive yourself of it?

Hair mousse

If you like volume, hair mousse is the product for you. Hair mousse is amazing for giving extra volume to your hair. Hair mousse also helps hair appear shinier and give it more definition. It is not absorbed into your hair but forms a sort of film between your hair strands, making them look fuller without weighing down your curls.

Hair oils

From argan oil to avocado oil to coconut oil, hair oil is a must-have for those with “problem” hair. They tame frizz, promote growth and make your hair look luxurious and polished. They can also soften and strengthen your hair, prevent dandruff, help provide moisture and retain it for long periods of time.

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